150x100 tabbed photo paper and HP Printer

  hatrickj 18:36 21 Jan 08

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I use a HP 5150 Desk-jet to print my photos. In the program is an option to print on 150 x 100mm paper with a tab. However, even though the paper without the tab measures 150 x100, the actual print always overlaps the tab by about 6mm. This can be very annoying, if there is some edge detail. Can anyone suggest what the problem and cure is, please?

  kindly 18:45 21 Jan 08

Does the paper with the tab on measure 150x100 on the total outside edge or just to where you tear off the tabs. I had this on my epson once and found it was because of my mistake.

  hatrickj 19:31 21 Jan 08

the paper exclusive of the tab measures 150 x100.

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