14 month old Samsung X120

  cabottaxi 20:12 23 Nov 11

For some reason my notebook has crashed. It was freezing when i was surfing the internet and now seems to have literally died.It goes in to the Samsung Recovery start page but won't actually start the programme.I have kept it up to date with all the updates both Samsung / Windows 7 . It is only out of warranty so cant send it back. Any one throw any ideas as to what might be the problem.I'm thinking myself the HD has given up the ghost.If thats the case how do i reinstall a new one as the X120 has no drive?

  northumbria61 21:04 23 Nov 11

As I understand it - the fact that it is just out of warranty as you put it, it could still be eligible for repair depending on how much you paid for it- ie: if it was a few hundred pounds then it is reasonably expected to last longer than your 1 or 2 yr warranty (depending on what it was) You can have a read through here enter link description here in the meantime and maybe someone else will come on and post more information for you.

  northumbria61 21:10 23 Nov 11

If that's the case how do i reinstall a new one as the X120 has no drive? You would have to purchase an external CD/DVD drive - not an expensive item - such as in this selection enter link description here

  cabottaxi 14:58 26 Nov 11

Although a computer novice i have found that the computer recognises a hard drive is there. However the problem seems to be that w7 will just not boot up. I was all for replacing the hard drive but i'm wondering if id be better trying to reinstall the operating system first. Any one throw any ideas up ?

  cabottaxi 15:00 26 Nov 11

Further to this i have found out the notebook was supplied as a remanufactured unit from a well known high street with a lousy 3 month warranty in October 2010.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:45 26 Nov 11

Samsung install a restore utility called the Samsung Recovery Solution which can be accessed by pressing F4 on startup. It will perform a complete or partial restore as described How To Restore Your Computer Using Samsung Recovery Solution. Restore disks are provided with the system.

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