1394 card

  sparks3 21:32 11 Jan 07

have installd 1364 card on computer, computer see,s card but the devise will not operate have tryed new leads ans anthoer card also differant devices to no avail

can any one help

  Totally-braindead 21:38 11 Jan 07

Lets see if I get this right. You have installed a firewire card on your PC but it doesn't work. Is this correct? Did you install the drivers that should have come with it? What operating system do have have?

  surfmonkey #:@}© 21:43 11 Jan 07

is it showing in network connection and is it enabled

  ed-0 22:21 11 Jan 07

right click my computer > properties > hardware > device manager. Any yellow exclamation marks?

  sparks3 14:15 12 Jan 07

no explaintion marks in device manger ,
my oerating system is xp home

all drivers are installed and the card is in device manager

  ed-0 15:08 12 Jan 07

So it looks as if the card is working.

" but the devise will not operate "

What device is it? and have you installed the software program for the device?

Things like camcorders, camera's and some firewire hard drives need software programs to work the device.

  sparks3 15:19 12 Jan 07

I am using a sony camcorder and a magix cd/dvd editing program and a capure card installed on a t.v card within the computer

  ed-0 15:27 12 Jan 07

1)So you have the sony camcorder attached to the firewire card, via a firewire cable?

2) Have you got the mains lead plugged into the camcorder, so the it is running off mains power?

3) Is the camera switched onto playback mode?

4) have you open the editing program and looked for file > import > you camera. Is it showing?

5) Did this software come with the camera or is it just some you are using?

  sparks3 15:34 12 Jan 07

yes camera is attached to fire wire cable
yes the camraa is attached to the maains
yes the camra is switched on to play
yers have looked for the file but cannot find it
nor can I import it

the software did no come with the camcorder

  ed-0 15:37 12 Jan 07

Sorry, it should say for number 5

5) Did this software come with the " firewire card " or is it just some you are using?

  sparks3 16:19 12 Jan 07

just some we sre using

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