13 Windows updates tonight for W/7 64bit

  birdface 00:26 AM 10 Aug 11

13 Windows updates tonight for W/7 64bit for those that download manually.

  birdface 08:31 AM 10 Aug 11


  john bunyan 09:44 AM 10 Aug 11

Thanks - I had 14 for W7 64 bit and Office 2007.

  gengiscant 10:49 AM 10 Aug 11


  Mr Mistoffelees 12:22 PM 10 Aug 11

Why do you not set Windows Update to notify but not download updates? That way you retain full control but never miss updates.

  birdface 14:26 PM 10 Aug 11

Mr Mistoffelees

Just as easy running a manual update 2nd Tuesday of every month and no slow down with them searching for updates every day.

  gengiscant 15:06 PM 10 Aug 11

And just as easy to pop here where someone ,usually 'buteman' has posted the info that updates are available.

  mooly 15:11 PM 10 Aug 11

13 updates for Vista too.

I notice Adobe Flash Player updates always seem to coincide with MS "patch Tuesady" updates. Same again today... new version of Flash Player.


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