128Mb shows as 127Mb

  Richard Madeley 11:12 23 Oct 03

Trivial, but irritating.

I have two 64mb Dimms in my PB iconnect 1250 but it always 1mb short in the Performance tab.

Everything works o.k but I was just wondering why I'm a Mb short.

  AL D. 11:22 23 Oct 03

try this handy little program,AIDA32 - Enterprise System Information from...click here

  exodus 11:28 23 Oct 03

If you have onboard graphics, you may have some allocated to that.

  Sir Radfordin 11:32 23 Oct 03

It is not unusual for the figures to not be exact. If you look at the memory check when you first boot up you will be able to see that it doesn't end up on a round number.

Even if you were 1mb short you would never notice the difference.

  Richard Madeley 11:51 23 Oct 03

Great Program AL D. Even better than the one in Norton Utilities. A keeper. Aida32 is showing 126Mb memory!

I do have onboard graphics exodus (I'm not much of a gamer). That must be it.

I was hoping for the old 'unreliable' answer, Sir Radfordin. That's what I was hoping it was. Thanks.

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