120GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 6Y120L0

  accord 12:45 09 Feb 04

I was thinking of purchasing the above drive and thought i'd check out pricing on the web, as you do. Came across this on the dabs site which has made me think twice now.

click here

Has anyone out there had experience of these drives and more importantly, had any failures. I already have a Maxtor 40GB in my PC which ive had no problems with.

Your comments would be appreciated.

  leo49 12:58 09 Feb 04

It is a bit puzzling when they quote 2 prices for the same item - but no such ambiguity at E-buyer and a few pence cheaper:

click here

I've got one of these Maxtors in my old PC and a pair of Maxtor 160s in this machine and all have performed with no problems.

  accord 13:09 09 Feb 04

cheers leo49

I mixed bag of reviews on the ebuyer site.

mmmmmmm i'll wait to see what others have to say about it.


  Stuartli 13:15 09 Feb 04

Two prices are listed because they are two different, though apparently the same at first sighting, models.

Each has a different QuickLinx number.

Western Digital also offers apparently similar HDDs at different prices - the ones ending in JB normally have a three year, rather than one, guarantee.

Either Maxtor would prove a good buy, especially as the price I paid for a WD 60GB HDD just under three months ago was £66 (it has the three year guarantee, the one year version was an 80GB model).

HDD prices have been dropping like a stone in recent weeks, but just a shade too late for me...:-((

  leo49 13:25 09 Feb 04

I see now, Stuartli - I'm the one that needs glasses today. The cheaper model is the 2mb cache[LO] whereas I thought it was referring to the 8mb cache[PO]dearer model that I've got.

  Chegs ® 13:39 09 Feb 04

I have a pair of Maxtor 6Y120M0 hdd's.They are a touch quirky,needing several resets to get them running from cold(so I leave it running 24/7)One of them has a "Track 14,030 problem" (haven't worked that out yet)which showed on speed tests of hdd,but no problems reported from another hdd tester,or from format etc.The reviewers on accords link,certainly dont like the LO drives,all reporting they have had troubles so are returning them to Maxtor.I have always used Maxtor hdd's,I find them reliable,quiet and these SATA drives are fast too.Seems like its down to luck,either you get a Maxtor that works faultlessly,or sends you nuts with problem after problem.

  Stowit 13:51 09 Feb 04

Not much use, but I upgraded my Sky+ with a 120 gig Samsung drive (£80). The decision was made as people had experienced mixed success with the Maxtors, despite Maxtor providing the original drive. For Pcs with better cooling I doubt it matters the same, but some Maxtors were running very hot in Sky boxes - not reported or what happens with my Samsung.

  accord 19:04 09 Feb 04

^bump for the evening^

  roy 19:57 09 Feb 04

£63.45 here at Aria.

click here

  AubreyS 20:01 09 Feb 04

I've been reliably informed that Maxtor Are notorious for problems, (I've got two with no probs at all) and Seagate are one of the best you can get.

  accord 20:17 09 Feb 04


Sorry mate, if i were to buy this i would probably get it from click here used these before and very good.

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