1/2 page missing

Hey Guys

Will someone please tell me,why i have lost 1/2 page of one of my favourites......I go to this site on a regular bases...but now i can only see half of he page....all the info.i need you just can't see at all.....its a mystery to me..i have never had any thing like this happen before.

thanks a lot
the boss

  Sir Radfordin™ 10:53 10 Jan 03

Whats on the other half of the page?

Have you tried refreshing the page (Ctrl+F5) or rebooting the PC?

Yes I have tried refresh.......rebooting the pc..

the other half of the page is blank except for a small advert of theirs.up in the left hand corner.


  VoG™ 11:15 10 Jan 03

Post the address so we can see if we also get this...


click here

sorry guys.

forgot to say.....in the right hand corner of the main page...is machine embroidery.you have to click on that..then you get a php page (whatever that is) go back once then click on embroidery again and you get on the forum

  VoG™ 11:22 10 Jan 03

It loads fine for me.

Sorry I don't know what would cause only 1/2 page to load. What versuion of Windows and Internet Explorer?

windows 2000
internet explorer 5.6 i think or close.....

thanks for your help.

did you get the same as i did then?????

Thanks VOG
I will try again later,,,,,and see what happens
then maybe i can come back for more help then.

Thanks anyway
much appreciated.......

  Stokey 11:36 10 Jan 03


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