100,000 registered users

  graham 20:02 11 Apr 03

seems likely this weekend (nods to Topcat). Can we expect some virtual fireworks, FE?

  spikeychris 20:19 11 Apr 03

Might be a good time for some stats. Although I feel I have been here since day one, I haven't. I joined not long after it kicked off but what was the first post?. What is the highest amount of users on line at one time?.


  Goldcroft 21:30 11 Apr 03

Size isn't everything

  graham 22:02 11 Apr 03

We expect better from you!

  spikeychris 22:13 11 Apr 03

Question 3. A bit tech but what type of server is running all this?


  Forum Editor 23:56 11 Apr 03

That's a good idea.

Questions, questions.

First post? That would have been from PCA, welcoming people to the forum for the first time.

Highest number on the server at any one time? Classified information that - but many thousands.

What type of server? Huge one. Pity the poor server. It has a difficult job to do, and at peak times it's running like the wind. Spare a thought for those who maintain it and keep it serving all those tens of thousands of pages, day in and day out.

  fitshase 00:18 12 Apr 03

When was the forum started?



  Djohn 00:38 12 Apr 03

Just logged back in to check, and that is the number, think we may do it by Sun. morning at the latest!

  VoG™ 07:26 12 Apr 03

Virtual fireworks click here

  Forum Editor 07:48 12 Apr 03


  doug 07:58 12 Apr 03

Stick with this one, it's far more interesting!

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