monkeyshine 01:47 13 Apr 03

It's simple to close a thread which is uncomfortable and very easy to encourage sycophantic drivel. Good luck with your imaginary 100, 000.

  BRYNIT 02:08 13 Apr 03

I think we have a case of. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. I wander why?

  Pauper 02:12 13 Apr 03

At least monkeyshine can rest easy in the knowledge that he/she is one of those 100,1000.

  monkeyshine 02:29 13 Apr 03

Sychophancyy is not what I subscribe to.
But then I don't suppose this will be be closed with the same alacrity as the original (sycophantic) thread.

  powerless 02:37 13 Apr 03

sycophantic - A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.

alacrity - Cheerful willingness; eagerness.
Speed or quickness; celerity.

  monkeyshine 02:41 13 Apr 03

How perceptive.

  watchful 09:26 13 Apr 03

Does it really matter either way?

The people who come here are genuinely grateful for the free help they receive and also enjoy the cameraderie between members.

A fact you don't seem to perceive.

  Tankus 09:41 13 Apr 03

The numbers game is only important to the advertising dept........and ...maybe anoraks...!

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