100 pics to a DVD player? A simple way please?

  Diemmess 11:54 03 Jul 09

About 100 of the best snaps of a family event this week will play as a slideshow on most computers.

Others involved only want a DVD they can play on a normal player.

I've never done this, what is the minimalist way to do it please?

  mooly 12:12 03 Jul 09

If it's Vista you have everything needed to make a slideshow DVD to play on any player.

  johndrew 12:18 03 Jul 09

Most DVD players will recognise jpgs in a file and provide the option to play them either individually or as a slideshow for which the viewed time can be set on a rough scale.

You should be able to put all your pictures on a single CD rather than using a DVD.

  norman47 13:11 03 Jul 09
  Diemmess 13:46 03 Jul 09


Using XP pro
One DVD player I have is a Panasonic digital tuner with HD as well, but my DVD which runs on the PC is ignored by this recorder/player

Picasa looks very promising but the can movies it makes be transferred to a DVD?

  jack 14:15 03 Jul 09

Does need an external software to burn DVD's
This is very good and Free

click here

  jack 14:19 03 Jul 09

And make a slide show with dissolves and music and all that jazz
Microsofts - Photo Story for Windows Free download

click here.
limited for 50 slides and no music for trial for 45days.
If you like it - £20 or less to buy

  Border View 14:29 03 Jul 09

Have you looked at this click here You might get some helpful pointers. Good luck.

  johndrew 16:59 03 Jul 09

You confuse me.

On the one hand you ask for a `minimalist way` to show photos on both a PC and a DVD player and yet you appear intent on producing a slideshow with authoring software.

As you are aware the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (included with XP and probably with Vista) will show all photos with a simple click once the disk and file is identified, and as I said most DVD players will recognise jpgs in a file on the same disk. The disk can be produced by using a burner and simply dragging and dropping the file to a blank CD.

If you want an `automatic` way of producing a slideshow then perhaps Nero Vision Express click here would simplify things.

  Diemmess 20:29 03 Jul 09

I admit to probably the most clumsy statement I've ever made!
"One DVD player I have is a Panasonic digital tuner with HD as well, but my DVD which runs on the PC is ignored by this recorder/player"
Scrap that and read:

A simple copy of all the pictures burned to a DVD disk, plays well on any computer.
The same disk is not recognised in a Panasonic freeview box which has a DVD player/recorder, as well as a large HD and SD card slot.

I have no ambition to build fancy DVD productions and only want a simple way to burn to a format which a stand alone DVD player will recognise.

  johndrew 20:40 03 Jul 09

Ah, now I see the problem.

Which type of DVD disk are you using? I ask because there are two types `-` R or RW and `+` R or RW. If the former it may not be recognised by your player if it is not finalised.

Needless to say this problem doesn`t exist with CDs.

You should also check what formats the player accepts. Some are very limited and will only `see` `+` DVDs. Details should be in the manual or online. I doubt the tuner has any effect whatsoever.

Any help?

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