100% CPU usage

  DenizHeleteli 12:42 24 Nov 08

Whilst im on my laptop, my cpu usage is fine for a while however it randomly jumps up to 100%. When i check my task manager to check if anything is clogging it up everything seems to be normal and doesn't add up to 100%.

I think it could be a virus, i consulted "The tech guys" and they reccomended that i pay £25 to system restore to the first time i got it.

Are there any other ways of solving this problem?

Thank you

  skidzy 16:21 24 Nov 08

dont pay for anything.

This maybe Microsoft updates at work if you have this set to auto download and install.Turn this off for a while and see how you get along.

Secondly,run your antivirus, updated.

Thirdly download and update malwarebytes click here

Restart the computer and continually tap f8 and this will boot into safemode,now run Malwarebytes.

  Rahere 16:37 24 Nov 08

AVG was causing a few peaks for me...

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