1 Wireless Router, 2 LAN PC - Help Connect!

  simmo07 22:06 21 Dec 07


I have 1 wireless router (downstairs)

1 Desktop PC (currently connected to my wireless router with no problems)

A second Desktop PC (not connected)

I want to connect Dektop PC 2 to PC 1(i presume through ethernet - im not connecting pc 2 through wireless, only PC 1 connected through wireless).

How can i do it so PC1 (with vista) can share the internet connection with PC2?


1 Wireless Router > connected to PC1 (work ok) > PC1 wanting to share internet with PC2 through ethernet?


  Dipso 22:22 21 Dec 07

You only need to connect PC2 to the router via an ethernet cable in order to share the internet connection, it doesn't have to be physically connected to PC1.

  simmo07 22:28 21 Dec 07

yeah but the wireless router is downstairs, PC1 is connected by my dongle (wireless), PC2 also upstairs with PC1 - surely the ethernet from PC1 to PC2 would work same as router?

I tried it, but everytime i set ICS it disabled access to downstairs router?


  ambra4 01:05 22 Dec 07

"surely the Ethernet from PC1 to PC2 would work same as router?"

NO Ethernet PC1 to PC2 will not work

You have to get a second wireless adapter (Dongle)for PC2

  Dipso 10:04 22 Dec 07

I've been trying to suss this out and saw some folks that alleged to have got this to work but don't know enough about it myself to advise, could it work with a crossover cable?.

It seems it could be possible but I agree that the easiest method would be a second wireless adapter and as you can pick these up for around a tenner now...

  simmo07 11:45 22 Dec 07

...yeah im thinking of getting a wireless network card now for it.

Cheers all, Dipso im sure it can work too (i had it setup before where PC2 was my xbox 360 - took about 4 hours to set it up though!).

New adapter it is

  thms 11:48 22 Dec 07

To connect two pcs you need a crossover cable.
It will not work with a standard ethernet cable.

As has been suggested the easiest route is to use a second wireless adaptor. If you connect using a crossover cable PC1 would need to be switched on before you could get access on PC2.

If however you have a second wireless card the pcs can be used independendly.

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