1 speaker has gone dead?

  xalemo 11:17 26 Apr 03

Hi all,
My subwoofer goes into a SB live 128.
To the woofer goes the first satelite, to which goes the second satelite. I power on on the first satelite but it does not output anymore. The second one works fine though.
Any ideas?

  dogtrack 13:20 26 Apr 03

Loose/ Dirty connection perhaps. If external check is ok, try looking inside. After you have disconnected them, of course!

  Brian_B 13:26 26 Apr 03

I would try a different cable before worrying about the speaker. Wires are prone to breakage - especially close to a plug. Or connection inside plug may fail. Cut a couple of inches off the cable end and put a new plug.


  piple 13:40 26 Apr 03

i had exactly the same thing happen ,i bought 2 new speakers with same result.i later had to format .afterwards the speakers were working.im not saying you should format. try reloading the sound drivers.

  graham√ 14:21 26 Apr 03

Easy way to check a speaker, connect a 1 1/2 volt cell (battery) across the lead. You will hear a click from the speaker. In this way you can check all your leads and speakers quite safely.

  Senator BoB 14:24 26 Apr 03

May sound stupid but check you volume control and see if the output control is centred so sound comes out from both speakers :)

  xalemo 21:03 26 Apr 03

a cable was loose... what an idiot I can't believe it.Funny how the second speaker was not affected especailly since it is connected to the 1st one.
Thanks guys!

  xalemo 21:07 26 Apr 03

A cable went loose...what an idiot, I can't believe it...lol, Funny how the first speaker was dead but not the second one, the 2nd is attached only to the 1st.
Anyway, another pn solved, cheers all.

  piple 13:43 19 Aug 03

after downloading spyblocker i am getting red crosses in the title bars on yahoo,i have adjusted the security settings to medium with no result,can anyone help please

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