1 out of 7 devices freezes my router

  mrjuice1 14:56 27 May 10

Hi all im a bit puzzled about one of my devices, I have an xbox, ps3 and 2 desktops over ethernet which all work fine under heavy load, I also have 2 laptops connected over wifi (1 on draft N the other 54g) which work fine too, I can use all these devices at the same all day but when my dad turns on his toshiba equium the whole lot jams up and freezes.
I've updated the internal wifi card driver and set all settings to default.
Am i missing somthing or is it a wafty wifi card.

  onthelimit 08:49 28 May 10

What happens if he connects by ethernet cable?

  STREETWORK 17:14 28 May 10

There must be a problem on the Tosh lappy

Reinstall the network card drivers and wireless drivers on the Tosh and see if this puts a stop to it...

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