1 monitor for 2 pc's

  pookie 15:01 26 Sep 03


can you get a cable/adapter that will allow 2 computers to be connected to the same monitor?



  Simsy 15:05 26 Sep 03

a switchbox so that it looks at one computer or the other.... obviously not both at the same time.



  CLF99 15:14 26 Sep 03


I enquired about this at local shop last week.

For around £15 I could get a basic switch box, but I think you have to turn one pc off, flick the switch, and then turn on other pc.

For £40-60 I could get one that flips between two PCs both on at the same time. This box also meant that you could use the same keyboard & mouse I think.

I opted for neither as I was being lazy - only needed it whilst configuring new pc!

Hope that helped.


  MAJ 15:17 26 Sep 03

The more expensive ones CLF99 mentioned are called KVM swithes and can be bought from Maplins. click here Enter KVM switch into their little site search field.

i use a reasonably cheap Belkin 'omniview'KVM switch (23 quid) which i bought from dabs it works very well with a combination of win98 and XP, thoroughly recommend it.

  Lead 15:25 26 Sep 03

Try this click here

Looks ok for £35

  pookie 15:46 26 Sep 03

many, many thanks - this is excellent


  geeuk 15:54 26 Sep 03


A KVM Switch lets you use one monitor, one keyboard and one mouse and have multiple computers running of them. I have a 4 port kvm switch and all 4 pcs are running at the same time. I just keep pressing a button untill the right computer comes and screen do some work and them move on to the next. You can buy 2 port kvm.

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