1 Internet connection split for two computers

  DamiEEEn 21:24 06 Jan 08

Hello, this might seem like a stupid question but is there a way i can get like a splitter so i can have both my computers on the internet at the same time?


  Kemistri 21:55 06 Jan 08

That is what routers are for.

  LastChip 23:45 06 Jan 08

If you're using Win98, WinME, XP or Vista, you can use one computer as a "gateway", and allow the other to connect through it; it's called Internet Connection Sharing.

The downside is the "gateway" machine must be on, for the other to connect.

click here for a tutorial.

  geoff47 00:08 07 Jan 08

I have NTL cable and the connection splits into two, with one lead joining the modem while one is remains free.I changed the connection to the modem to the free split connection, just to see if it worked and it does.
Does this mean I can connect two PCs to the one feed independently ?

Should I make another thread ? It is basically the same question.

  Kemistri 00:29 07 Jan 08

"Does this mean I can connect two PCs to the one feed independently?"

Not if you wish to use them simultaneously. No two modems can communicate through a single DSL line simultaneously. You must use a single modem.

  geoff47 00:38 07 Jan 08

Then I could use each one , when the other was not in use ?
For instance, one at night in my bedroom, and another during the daytime in the living room ?

  Strawballs 01:10 07 Jan 08

You should really start your own thread or DamiEEEn will get emails notifying him of all of the replys to you.

  geoff47 01:25 07 Jan 08

Your post generate the same emails for no reward.....my answer to it also.......

My question was close enough to be included I thought.....I did consider before posting......and DamiEEEn might appreciate the answers my question generates......I know I do.....

  DamiEEEn 15:22 07 Jan 08

Thanks, i dont mind you posting in this thread its preety much the same question. x

I would like to be able to play games on the internet at the same time on both pc's so one playing cod2 and the other cod4 or something along those lines, but i dont want to lan them.

Could i just say plug in a "something" into the phone line and have a cable going into one computer and one into the other? so sharing the connection. Also would i need another modem for this?

Thanks x

  DamiEEEn 15:46 07 Jan 08

Also, how would i use the router?


  DamiEEEn 19:02 07 Jan 08

LOL and any ideas what kind of router i should get, preferably something cheap.

mmkaythx. x

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