1 computer won't connect, 2 others will ???

  PUFC 10:38 15 Aug 08

My desktop won't show any webpages in IE7. I am using an ethernet cable connected to a BT Broadband Router. The router page comes up in IE7 and all diagnostic tests via the BT router software are passed. I can ping bbc.co.uk and successfully run nslookup to click here using the CMD prompt.

The strange thing is that my laptop is connected no problem, as is my PSP wirelessly and I can surf with no problems using those. However, I need to get my desktop connected again.

I recently used a Belkin USB wireless on my desktop, but that has failed and no longer connects, hence a return to the ethernet cable.

Any help etc gratefully received.

  brundle 15:35 15 Aug 08

Remove any Belkin wireless driver software. Reset IE7 to defaults (Tools/Advanced).

  brundle 15:58 15 Aug 08

Check your IP configuration settings. Is the gateway address set to that of your router?

  PUFC 16:15 15 Aug 08

thanks, now sorted.

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