0800 , 0845 or 0870 number

  ajm 09 May 09

I will soon be lauching a new business and would like ot know a good provider for getting an 0800 , 0845 or 0870 number. I will be working from home and the number that will be chosen will be diverted to my home number.

The services that I will be offering is for both business and home users.

  Chris the Ancient 10 May 09

Not personally used by me (yet), but...
click here
have been recommended to me by a large, independent, national company as a good 0800 provider.



  wiz-king 10 May 09

We are using click here for all our phone needs, freephone number and phone/fax lines. Very good service, billing comes on an excel spreadsheet, and at a good saving over BT prices.

  Proclaimer 26 May 09

you can have as many 05600 umbers as you like for free click here and voice mail, call recording, forwarding, your own PBX, FAX online and many other features. All you need is an internet connection. And you can 'Pay as You Go'


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