02 Wireless Box II Issue...

  arminmckidd 18:54 04 Sep 10


I need some advice regarding the 02 Wireless Box II.
In our family we all have access to the internet but we have to use the Ethernet cable and we are not to use the wireless because the administrator doesn't want to give out the password of the router and obviously make it common knowledge.

I thought of a possible solution, which would be the password would be typed into a laptop but the user of that laptop cannot see the password. I'm not too sure if this is possible.

The second problem is parental controls. due to a lack of knowledge and the complex configurations of the router, we are not sure how to set up the parental controls on the box to ensure younger users are restricted and protected.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  morddwyd 19:33 04 Sep 10

Presumably the administrator is a parent?

Doubt you'll get much help here!

  MAJ 19:43 04 Sep 10

As morddwyd says, talk to your parents/administrator. If their only worry is how many access the network, ask them to maybe look at 'Mac address filtering' through the router. That can give access to any or all computers they wish.

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