The Witcher 2

  Inept Pig 25 Oct 11

I'm a bit late to this - but a recent PC upgrade has given me the chance to catch up on some recent games whilst waiting for Skyrim...

So I thought I would pass through and add a hearty recommendation for this game for anyone who was thinking about trying it - beautiful graphics, wonderful soundtrack, an excellent storyline with more than a few choices to make - although obviously the world is much bigger than your quest, so don't expect to be able to change the entire outcome of certain ongoing events by a few well-intended favours.

The world is less open than the likes of Fallout 3, and combat is quite punishing until you get to grips with it and learn how best to level up to avoid frequent deaths - it's more about the story it has to tell and the choices you can make within the story (and things are not clear cut good and evil in the choices you do make), there are multiple endings to be had though - and it certainly warrants a second play-through to see what some of the other outcomes could have been.

Most of the voice acting is excellent, with only the odd character who doesn't seem to quite match the excellence of some of the core cast.

If you like RPGs, it's a must-have - I finished my first play in around 20 hours, so don't bother if game length is more important to you than quality...


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