Wii shooting games

  morgueman 01 Jul 08

Hello all, i've been thinking about getting a shooting game for the wii, something like Ghost squad with its own light gun!
I was just wondering if anyone had played a shooting game on the Wii and would be grateful for any feedback before going out and spending more money on a game!


  mad1234 01 Jul 08

click here
try here you should find something to help

  RickyC :-) 01 Jul 08

And it's a fantastic game - it's really quite cool playing an FPS with the Wii controller. Unfortunately I don't yet have the Wii Light Gun, but now that you've brought the subject up, I may just go and buy one!

Software Editor

  morgueman 01 Jul 08

software ed, you can get a gun with the game according to the Game website, its abit more expensive than just getting the game1

  RickyC :-) 01 Jul 08

Well I haven't yet decided which of the different gun controllers to go for, there are so many to choose from - click here . I also want to get an additional Wii guitar controller for playing Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock - but that might have to wait. ;-)

  darkreign 02 Jul 08

...i've played Resident Evil 4 on the wii. And it's simplicity and enjoyability is such that it's the only one i've ever completed. The graphics aren't the best but still pretty darn good. The controls are easy to get used to even without using a gun. I've played others, like ghost squad, house of the dead, but didn't really enjoy them as much as RE4.

If you can, try to rent/borrow them for a few days to see if you like them enough to buy them.

have fun.


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