Which is your current game...???

  LeoMax 17 Sep 12

Hello Guys,

Me Leo Max. Mine current game is Project IGI. I really like this game. This game is very interesting. Its missions are very difficult then other games.

  KRONOS the First 17 Sep 12

Portal 2 user created map,whilst housebound this last while I have played hundreds and still going.

  Lazarus The 2nd 17 Sep 12
  windpop 21 Sep 12

I just started Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy for the PS2. I am only 1 hour in, but so far, it seems far less inspired than the original Mana Khemia. Sigh. On the DS, I'm working on Atelier Annie, though I got a bit discouraged when I realized just how much work I was going to have to put in to get the best ending.

  mrwoowoo 01 Oct 12

Just finished playing Sleeping dogs, which is one of the best games i've played for a long time. I'm now on a trip down memory lane, replaying Resident evil 5, Splinter cell conviction. And the free Half life remastered Black mesa.

  Jakeyatkin 06 Oct 12

Also just sleeping dogs and it was alot better than I expected, but currently playing battlefield 3 and trying to get into FIFA 13 but finding it hard

  highQ 20 Oct 12

amaricas army and pes 2013 mrwoowoo wher i can find sleeping dogs ?

  rdave13 20 Oct 12

Umm Trine version 1.08 I believe. I find it difficult and so does my 9 year old.

  quangkute83 24 Oct 12

Current game of i is Project mario. I really like this game in friv . it requires quick responsiveness of the brain and hands.!

  SeiyaIkki 25 Oct 12

Sleeping Dogs

  Mr Mistoffelees 27 Oct 12



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