Which brand of gaming tower are best?

  Viowithcrailtap 07 Mar 13

Hi guys,

I'm looking at either buying a pre-built tower or building one (depending on costs etc).

Can anyone recommend any companies that make good gaming towers? I've had a look at chillblast and novatech but I don't know which is better or if there are any better ones than these.

My budget is around £800.

Hopefully something good can be bought for that

  Chronos the 2nd 07 Mar 13

This is from my phone so I will be brief. Without a doubt Chillblast is better than Novatech. Should be able find something reasonable for your cash and will get back to you tomorrow when I am at my PC.

  Forum Editor 08 Mar 13

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  ordep 10 Mar 13

Yup, secomd that from Chronos. Chillblast is the way to go.

  Viowithcrailtap 11 Mar 13

Is chilblast the best company for towers? I'm open to any suggestions.

  Chronos the 2nd 11 Mar 13

It certainly has an excellent name but it would be difficult to say any company was the best.

You do not say whether your PC will require monitor/keyboard and mouse as this will obviously reflect on the price of the tower.

  Viowithcrailtap 11 Mar 13

I have a monitor/ tv already at home (I bought this if I ever wanted to get a tower). The mouse and keyboard will be out of separate money to the tower.

  Chronos the 2nd 11 Mar 13

Have look at this. Chillblast. Swap the graphics card for the GTX660Ti and the RAM for the Corsair PC3 12800 and you have a fair PC with plenty of scope for upgrading in the future.


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