What was the first computer game you owned

  Kevscar1 18:53 12 Sep 08

Mine was Operation Market Garden on the Spectrum.
Turn based strategy game. When I first played it I could never win, by the time I stopped I could destroy every German unit and only lose 3 of mine.

  gengiscant 20:04 12 Sep 08

Alien Trilogy on the Play station 1. A great FPS if my memory serves,for its day I might add.

  Inept Pig 20:15 12 Sep 08

When the first game somebody has owned was a FPS?

There was us with out blocky sprites and basic (yet fantastic) music - and the first game they experienced was a world away from the 2D/text-based world that we grew up in.

As for the question, hard to say really - Roland on the Ropes? Electro Freddy? Wizards Lair? The Hobbit? They all came with my first computer (Amstrad CPC 464 fact fans!) so they were all in essence among my 'first games owned'

  iqs 21:05 12 Sep 08

When Santa bought me my Spectrum 48K for Xmas 84,it came with 6 games,Horce go's skiing,Chequered Flag,Chess,Make A Chip,Scrabble and Survival.

  Starfox 21:43 12 Sep 08

Got a Commodore 64 in 1984 which came with 2 games. B.C Bill and Space Pilot.

Anyone remember, or even head of them?

  mrwoowoo 22:43 12 Sep 08

Tomb raider on the ps1.
Still one of my all time favourites.

  crosstrainer 08:25 13 Sep 08

On the PC platform.

MIG Superfulcrum on the Atari (shows age)

  wolfie3000 20:44 13 Sep 08

First game i owned was Repton on the bbc micro.

click here_(computer_game)

Also had a few others,

Pole position, Fraggle, hunchy, Chuckie egg.

Good memories of those games.

  wolfie3000 20:45 13 Sep 08

Oops heres the proper link,

click here

  crosstrainer 00:32 14 Sep 08

I remember that, fond memories. Makes you wonder at just how far the silicon has come! I know you are a big Doom original fan, but suspect you are too young to recall what happened when that game hit the market.

Total and utter amazement, it brought networks and all work to a complete standstill.

Before that, we were happy with text based games, and little platform offerings, games that would run on x286,386 or, if you had the money a 486DX!

  Marko797 17:43 14 Sep 08

my first pc game was Halflife.

This, after I had sworn never to have a game on my PC. All downhill after that.

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