The weird world of MMORPG,s

  wolfie3000 03:42 17 Feb 09

Heres a few weird things iv learnt from MMORPG,s

1, the shinier the armour the more it protects you.

2, Although a pet demands constant feeding your character can go indefinably without food.

3, The more spectacular the spell the more useless it is.

4, Everything you’ve used can be sold back for exactly half price, regardless of the item’s condition.

5, The spikier the mob the more powerful it is.

6, jumping into a river never gets your clothes wet.

7, No matter how bad you come off in a battle there wont be a scar on you.

8, its possible to fall hundreds of feet and not injure yourself.

9, its possible to carry over 4000LBs of stuff and still fight.

10, Clothes never get torn in battle.

11, Eating odd coloured fruit makes you run faster.

12, No matter how badly injured you are sitting down cures all ailments.

13, Saddles are permanently glued to a horses back.

14, All the big monsters live in dungeons.

15, no matter how powerful your axe you will never be able to chop down a tree.

16, no matter what the monster they always contain gold.

17, flying monsters always stay in the same location.

18, Advanced technology like teleportation exists but firearms dont.

19, a small pair of boxershorts offers the same protection as a full suite of armour.

20, camp fires automatically light themselves at night.

21, Dirt can be made into fine clothes.

Feel free to add your own, yes most MMORPG games dont make alot of sense when the rules are applied to the real world but i guess if they did they wouldnt be half as much fun.

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