Warriors of the Universe - new free browser multiplayer game

  MichaelGordon 29 Sep 11

Here is one new free text-based multiplayer browser game. Very good and nice game.

Warriors of the Universe

Warriors of the Universe is a free to play HTML/text-based massively multiplayer online role-playing browser game (MMORPG).

At the very beginning of the game, player must choose their race. There is three playable races, each with different ships, weapons, shields and other equipments. Also, players can be organized in groups of players called “Star Fleet”.

Players get experience by accomplishing missions, and also by fights against other players. Six different types of missions are currently available in game.

There are three combat systems, such as PvP – single player vs. player fights, FvF – fleet vs. fleet wars and RvR – global race vs. race war. Race players which won in RvR war gain access to secret missions in which they can get more experience.

A lot of other features are in the game for players to explore, such as trading system between players, lot of different in-game items, daily rewards, daily lottery game, etc.

Warriors of the Universe

Join for free and have fun!

  Mr Mistoffelees 04 Oct 11

I have just had a look at this game. No wonder it is free, you would have to be a lunatic to pay for it.

  MichaelGordon 04 Oct 11

Just like all browser games. But I like it. It need some time to become familiar with game. It's a little complicate for a new players whose spend 5 min on game and get some conclusion without checking all game features. Especially because a lot of different in-game items and their functions. More than 30 different types of in-game items are there.


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