Want to upgrade my system.....?

  leroy1260 11:22 13 Oct 09

I am upgrading my Ram,Proccessor...n motherboard....
Plz suggest me an awesome gaming Configuration........if possible...my budget is of ....17000.Rs...

  wolfie3000 15:07 13 Oct 09

Thats a pretty awesome budget, £17,000

Better to buy a whole system for that money.
You could buy the biggest most hardcore gaming rig available and still have enough left over for a second pc.

Check alienwares site for some ultimate gaming rigs.

  Rigga 08:40 14 Oct 09

I think leroy1260 may mean 17000 Rs (Rupees?, Indian?) not £17k

  mr simon 11:34 14 Oct 09

Yes, Rupees is correct, and equates to roughly £220-230

  leroy1260 18:38 14 Oct 09

plz help me out with this..............guyz...

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