usb headphone/microphone

  morgueman 16:09 29 Jul 08

Hello all, another post! Was thinking of getting combined headphone/microphone headset. Seen some with usb adaptors. How easy is it to use these, especially since normally you use two 3.5mm jacks, one for the headphones the other for the microphone?
Was wondering since it would be easy for me to plug a usb device into my keyboard instead of using the jacks on the pc.
Thanks for any help with this!

  wolfie3000 05:43 30 Jul 08

I guess you plan to use a program like teamspeak while gaming,
Well i personally don't like them as they can be distracting during a gaming session,

Go for one that's lightweight, fits your head well and has an adjustable mic.

  morgueman 09:01 30 Jul 08

I've seen a set i like, logitech precision pc gaming ones, its mainly for my son, he likes using teamspeak and xfire when hes playing, also, at least when hes got the headphones on i can at least watch the tv in peace without the extra noise of some explosion going of in the back ground!

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