Upgrade graphics card

  andydgra 18:34 PM 15 Jan 12

I want to play fifa 2012 and need to upgrade graphics card, what is a good upgrade from ATi Radeon X600 256MB PCI-Express

  andydgra 18:39 PM 24 Jan 12

waste of £40 then and the £5 I paid for the hdmi cable, but hey thanks for the advice guys ffs next time I won't ask

  Ibanez2010 18:46 PM 24 Jan 12

I recommended the ATI Radeon HD6850 or HD6790 for your budget of £100 but you still went with the cheap budget card HD5570 instead. Whats's the point in asking for advice if you don't take it?

  andydgra 18:59 PM 24 Jan 12

because other advice was for the HD5570, why didn't you offer an argument against me wasting my money until I post that it doesn't work???

And now my sound is going through the monitor speakers instead of the speakers I had, yes I realise that's because I am now using a hdmi cable.

Any lurkers beware the advice on here, in my experience...


arseholes have cost me £50 and got me nowhere!!!


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