morgueman 06 Jul 08

Hello all, looking to buy a G5 mouse and G15 Keyboard from this lot,, they are offering both items with about £20 odd pounds or so off, compared to somewhere like Amazon or Ebuyer! Is this to good to be true?
Anyone ever dealt with this site, would be grateful for any feedback,


  crosstrainer 06 Jul 08

An offshoot of Ebay. I know many people use ebay here, and do so without issues. I, however have had clients who have suffered bad experiences with them (goods not received, money taken etc)

Not saying it's a bad idea, and everyone wants to save money, but £20.00 cheaper sounds a lot.

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

  kelly2 19 Aug 09

I ordered a G5 mouse from trusted goods.

The first mouse was broken, which I sent back at my own cost. They sent back another G5 mouse which was also broken and I also returned at my own cost. I didn't hear from them again, and about a month later I emailed them and they said the second mouse had been returned over 30 days after the initial purchase (not since they sent the second mouse, since the initial mouse) so they wouldn't replace it or even send it back to me. They then stopped replying to emails.

So now I have no money and no mouse.

Avoid if you can.

  GaT7 21 Aug 09

kelly2, how did you pay? G

  morgueman 22 Aug 09

Well in the end i went with scan computers for the G5 mouse, had a problem with it, loose lead, told scan computers, sent it back, got a new one within the week and had no trouble since. got the G15 keyboard from amazon, no problems with that either.


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