Coffee Adict 12 Jun 08

No not those smelly ones stuck in a dark cupboard, but the ones for games.

This may be old news for all you ardent gamers but I've just come across them, I get the gist of what they do, but how safe are they to download and are they any good.

  belfman 12 Jun 08

I much prefer walk-throughs for levels I'm stuck on. Trainers are like any other program you may download of the net.

  rdave13 12 Jun 08

Have a browse here; click here

  crosstrainer 12 Jun 08

I'm with belfman on this, go for the walkthrough, we all use them from time to time when stuck, and they are not going to screw your system up with junk you don't want.

Also, never pay for them...Post the name of the game here, and one of us is bound to know a site with free documentation :)

  mrwoowoo 12 Jun 08

Rather than use a trainer i would go for an individual cheat if you are really stuck.
That way you don't need to download or install any dubious software.
Most pc games have several cheat codes that you just type into the console to give you maximum health or god mode etc,just to get you out of trouble.
And as soon as you get past the tricky bit,you can deactivate it.
No harm done.(only to your conscience)
I confess to using god mode in Far cry once as one part was way too hard for me.Oh, the shame of it.)O:!

  crosstrainer 12 Jun 08

Might as well 'fess up to using it once in FEAR....It's those damn robot's at max difficulty, just can't get them withjout it (:

  Devil Fish 12 Jun 08

i will join you in the hall of shame i to used god mode in farcry for the final level had just gone to far to give it up

  wolfie3000 12 Jun 08

Game trainers are good for getting past diffecult areas in games but iv noticed that some can damage game saves.

Iv used a few game trainers in the past and i found out that one for San Andreas screwed up my San Andreas game save.


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