Test your Graphics card,

  wolfie3000 10:13 29 Apr 09

I was looking for some real-time benchmarking software as i recently updated my graphics drivers and came across furmark.

click here

Its a great little program that uses a big 3D fuzzy doughnut to benchmark your card,
Small and gives you useful real-time data on your cards performance.

Unlike some other 3D benchmarking software it doesn't take up alot of space on your hard drive,
I happily recommend it.

  Rigga 14:31 29 Apr 09

Quite nice and definitely small for a benchmark program.

However it only tests OpenGL performance, and as such is not a particularly good indicator of games performance, most of which use DirectX.

Still the furry doughnut is quite relaxing to watch :)


  Kevscar1 18:57 29 Apr 09

doesn't test dual cards either

  wolfie3000 05:44 30 Apr 09

Well although it does have its faults, its free and doesn't take up much space on the hard drive,
If your wanting a more advanced program then buying 3Dmark would be a better option but its huge and isn't free.

Furmark is a good little program for comparing graphics cards in my opinion.

Did i mention its free.

  Armchair 10:27 30 Apr 09

What's the point of it? I know what my old 7900GS is capable of, because I've tried games and demos. with it.

  OTT_Buzzard 10:49 30 Apr 09

tests DirectX 9, multi GPU performance and a limited amout of CPU performance. Downside is that its a 580MB download.

Still only a 'synthetic' benchmark though. I tend to use it to compare new graphics driver releases.

click here

  mrwoowoo 18:50 30 Apr 09

Easiest way to check your GPU or new driver is to have fraps running whilst gaming.
Then you can monitor your frames per second whilst playing a game,which lets face it ,is the main reason to test it.

  mrwoowoo 18:51 30 Apr 09

And it's only a 1MB download.

  OTT_Buzzard 18:57 30 Apr 09

fps s one reason, but my system is quite heavily overclocked. 3DM06 provides a good stress test for the system and means i can work out a new stable graphics overclock. Will try Fraps and see what its like.

  Devil Fish 21:59 01 May 09

the point is if you are overclocking your hardware benchmarking gives you an idea of stability and performance gains

  Si_L 20:49 03 May 09

Is it free?

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