Stand tall or lay flat?

  belfman 22:25 20 Jun 08

Console name and how you have it?

360 up right, I was advised to put it flat - I didn't.

PS3 flat, I was told it's better up right.

It's currently flat as I cannot stand it safely up right on the tv stand.

So how do you have yours?

  mrwoowoo 00:33 21 Jun 08

Ours is flat (about 6 months old).
The unit it's on gets knocked a bit by the boys,so upright is a no no.
Seems to collect a lot of dust very quickly.
I wonder if it picks up less on its side?

  mrwoowoo 01:23 21 Jun 08

I read an article that suggested that having the ps3 upright for long periods of time puts a strain on the lens arm.It went on to say that it can actually cause it to drop slightly,therefore struggle to read the discs or not read them at all.
Makes sense in theory i suppose as the components inside are rather flimsy.

  crosstrainer 06:24 21 Jun 08

Flat (don't have one) but as mrwoowoo say's, upright is vunerable, and puts a strain on the laser in the drive.

  Armchair 08:26 21 Jun 08

360, flat. I haven't moved it since the day I got it.

  DrScott 10:22 21 Jun 08

under the television, next to the sky box.

As long as I keep the doors open on the TV cabinet, it all seems to work fine.

  grey george 19:42 23 Jun 08

360 flat, but raised up on little blocks with an 8" fan blowing air all round it. It's been repaired twice in 18 months.

  Ben9000uk 20:35 23 Jun 08

ps3 up right
wii flat
they just fit better on my desk that way with my monitor and tv

  babybell 12:47 24 Jun 08

Due to space constraints in my room my Xbox has been upright since day one next o my TV

  GRIDD 21:17 24 Jun 08

PS3 is flat.

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