Skyrim DLC worth getting?

  wolfie3000 09 Jun 12

Will the upcoming Skyrim DLC (Dawngaurd) be worth getting?

They say it will add around 20 more hours of gameplay and new playable characters, but they are charging £12 for it.

This is the first time iv heard a company charging for a DLC, so im a bit worried that it may not be as good as the hype around it.

To me it seems like a twilight addon, as its just vampires.


More info here - CLICK HERE

  KRONOS the First 09 Jun 12

Hi,wolfie3000 I have played and finished Skyrim then began again and suddenly realised how tiresome the game was, fight your way though tunnels meet and kill boss, rinse and repeat.So I doubt whether I will bother getting the DLC.

As for paying for it, I have always paid for DLC, Fallout Three and New Vegas, borderlands,Painkiller to name but three games with paid for DLC. The only time I have not paid is when it has been a community mod as in Half-life or far Cry.

If you are looking for an interesting and at times challenging game, have a look at Alice Madness Returns, I got it for 3 quid in a Steam sale but have been impressed and frustrated with the game.

  Kevscar1 09 Jun 12

You can go here and get lots of ew quess and adventures.

  wolfie3000 10 Jun 12

Iv done a few cosmetic mods from there Kevscar, some are pretty awesome too. Buyt really im not so sure about this new DLC.

  Kevscar1 10 Jun 12

Just wait a few months and the price will drop

  Mr Mistoffelees 10 Jun 12

I've only paid for DLC once, the first one for Kingdoms of Amalur. It was so disappointingly small, and lacking in any really worthwhile content, that I didn't even consider buying the second. However I will be buying Dawnguard but, any further Skyrim DLC purchases will only follow if Dawnguard proves to be worthwhile.

BTW, Wolfie, why aren't you playing Halo and Perfect World?


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