Should I buy this PC?

  mattdavies12 21:57 01 Dec 14

Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a good gaming PC but really have no idea when it comes to specs. I have found a nicely priced PC which seems pretty powerful for its price. Any opinions on how well it would run the best titles e.g Battlefield 4 / Farcry 4?

Specs: Win 7 AMD A4-6320 4.0GHz Dual Core CPU ATi R7 260X 2GB DDR5 8GB 1600GHz DDR3 RAM 1TB Hard Drive

Many thanks Matt

  mart7 01:15 02 Dec 14

Can you provide a link to the pc you are looking to purchase please

  mattdavies12 10:50 02 Dec 14
  mart7 01:03 03 Dec 14

I would think it only run those games well enough on medium settings,see here

click here,review-32881-3.html

  mart7 01:04 03 Dec 14

click here,review-32881-3.html

  Grilam 13:05 23 Dec 14


Hell yeah, it`s cheap and powerful.

  Kev08 13:20 23 Dec 14

2mattdavies12 I think it would be enough.

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