Saved games not being saved

  vickydee1 14 Mar 11

When I play a game (any game) and I pass a save point, it is not being saved because when I die I go back to the begining of the game and not just to the save point I have just passed ?

What have I done, have I swiched something off by accident ?


  mrwoowoo 15 Mar 11

Do you mean online flash games?
If so then you need to enable cookies in your browser as they are usually your saves.
Also if you delete your browser files after an online session that will remove the saves as well.

  vickydee1 19 Mar 11

Hi Mister woo woo

I don't know what online flash games mean ...

Some of the games I play are ..Farcry, CoD4, Supreme Commander and Medal of Honor.. If theses are Flash Games ..
Then how do I enable the cookies ..and stop deleting my browser files ?



  Kevscar1 19 Mar 11

Try going to the main menu. Press load game and see if they are there.

  vickydee1 23 Mar 11

hi Kevscar..

sorry but I am not sure what you mean "see if they are there". What are where ..?

  Kevscar1 23 Mar 11

If you go to the main menu and click on load game it will show a list of the saved games. I have had games where that is what you have to do to get the last save point.

  vickydee1 26 Mar 11

Sorry to ask this but which main menu and where is it ..

  Kevscar1 27 Mar 11

When you load the game the main menu pops up, normally shows New game Load game Options and one or two others. If you press Esc in game it should give you the option to go to Main Menu.
When you press Load Game it should open with a list of all your saved games.

  vickydee1 31 Mar 11

Hi Kevscar

Thanks ... I have that but for some reason I am not why but My Farcry is working fine now ...
but I haven't done anything... Will have to try other games first though ..!!

Will be in touch soon ...!

Thank you ... :-))


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