The Right Desktop For Me

  JakeRidge 10 Nov 12

I don't know much about computers and what makes what better and why but basically I'm buying a PC for a bit of gaming and also work from home would this be suitable and the games I like to play are DayZ, GTA4, BF3 so what do you think? Thanks for reading! PC:

  Chronos the 2nd 10 Nov 12

If you could post your budget it will make it easier to suggest something for you to look at.

In the PC you have linked to I am not overly keen on a couple of components but it really depends on your overall budget.

  mick2008 10 Nov 12

I think you may have to spend a bit more than that for a good gaming PC. Bargain Electricals

  ordep 10 Nov 12

I've got the Fusion Blackbird. As pointed out by mick, you'll need to spend a bit more than that I afraid.

  frybluff 10 Nov 12

The problem with "custom" sites, and Chillblast are one of the better ones, is that to get a low "headline" price, they need to use low quality modest performing components. You can then "customize", but by the time you get to decent quality, reasonable performance, you've got a very expensive PC.

To give an idea, assuming your monitor is 1080p, this is the sort of build, I would put together, for your needs, without any "frills"

parts list

If you then had that built for you, assuming they could provide those bits, someone like Chillblast would be charging at least £200 on top. The best answer, of course, is to build yourself. Not difficult, but you obviously need the confidence to do it.


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