Reducing my in game ping

  acceptmyname 28 Jun 08

I play Halo PC online and I am in clan but I suffer from high pings all the time, Can anybody please give me any tips on how to reduce it.

I have a 2mb connection wired, whn i play in US servers I have around 200 ping in UK servers I have 100-133.

Any help at all would be great

  citadel 28 Jun 08
  RobCharles1981 28 Jun 08

That network card won't improve pings by no means,


Who is your ISP out of interest ???
Do you have a router???

  acceptmyname 29 Jun 08

yes I have a router dude

  acceptmyname 29 Jun 08

and SKY sorry dude

  D@ve 30 Jun 08

Playing on American servers is always going to give you a high ping due to the distance involved but you should be able to get lower pings on UK servers. I usually get 30-50ms.

How are you connecting to the router? If it is wireless then make sure the signal is strong and try temporarily connecting by a cable and see if it makes any difference.

Pings will also be increased if anyone else is using the bandwidth for anything else so check to see whether other people are downloading anything or streaming music etc. If anyone uses a P2P app (such as Limewire) then this will considerably increase your ping as it eats away your bandwidth. Remember to make sure your router has a network key if it's wireless in case any neighbours are using your connection.

Also be aware that sometimes a high ping is caused by a lack of bandwidth at the server's end in which case there is nothing you can do about it other than to move onto a different server. A good indication that this might be happening is if all players on the server have a ping > 100ms.

  kalignorgna 30 Jun 08

first of a wired 2mb connection is going to give you a high ping rate since it is doing double the work of most standered connections (lower mbps = more pings per second then higher mbps) this happens when a low spec connection is trying to cope with a high tax online game (online RPG and COD4 types)

2nd point is that your connection is in no way good enough to play on the us servers or other countrys for the time being stick to uk servers untill you get a better line


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