Rate this gaming PC for me please

  Aran157 26 Aug 12

Hi, this is my first post. I am getting a new PC mainly for gaming and I've found one with good specs and for a reasonable price. I know my fair share about Pc'S so I would like a second opinion please.

Like will it be good for streaming, is the graphics card great etc.



  KRONOS the First 27 Aug 12

Seems a fair spec for the cash but it would be useful to know what your main use of the PC will be? You will also need to add an OS Windows 7 which will ad another £70+ to the price.

Good CPU but I would want to know make and model of motherboard,he says 'high performance' but does not list it. I would al;so like to know what make/wattage of PSU is in there.I would also like to know make model of RAM also.

  frivbaba57 30 Aug 12

Nice info,seems a fair spec for the cash but it would be useful to know what your main use of the PC will be? You will also need to add an OS Windows 7 which will ad another £70+ to the price.


  lhalfman 30 Aug 12

You are getting a TV just for gaming? Well as long as you take good care of your pc, I don't see a problem

  frybluff 30 Aug 12

Looks like Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2. They actually leave out the "M" in their spec, but don't think there is a non micro version. They also offer to overclock CPU. Can you OC with H61?

  Aran157 30 Aug 12

Hi there, been busy so forgot to reply, i will be using the PC to play games and also stream them. I have a OS disk which means i dont have to pay £70. I dont get what you mean about tv @ihalfman

  KRONOS the First 30 Aug 12

This one?

Not sure what you mean by non micro version? But that is probably just me. Sorry just got it. M-ATX is fine for most people these days, in fact PCI is all but finished as motherboards get better at providing what we used to need a PCI card to do.

As I say not a bad spec but I would still like to know what PSU and RAM is in the PC?

  frybluff 30 Aug 12


Yes, think that's board, just they list it as GA-H61-DS2. RAM just 8GB 1333 DDR3, no detail, and nothing on PSU. It's presumably one of those included in the case jobs. I'm not sure, can you overclock with H61?

  frybluff 30 Aug 12

Don't get me wrong, if that build works well and proves to be reliable, it's not bad, for the price. It's just that, having been back to the site, a couple of times (cos it keeps crashing), the more I see, the more I doubt. I don't like sites that use claims like "High Performance" and "Top Of The Range", they're meaningless, except to mislead the unwary. I would recommend you check Cougar PC's site. You can fully customise a basically identical system for about £30 less (assuming Vibox are using a budget PSU, which we don't really KNOW). Whilst I would suggest you actually spend a little more on better PSU, I would be more confident in the service, and support you are likely to get, there.

  KRONOS the First 31 Aug 12


You are quite correct, no overclocking on any H series boards.So another minus against this seller. But I suspect his Ebay pages are mainly a pre-formed template which he just alters certain details and perhaps the over-clocking mention is more of an oversight. But I would still ask the seller questions. If I was spending this sort of cash I would not be buying from Ebay as I would be concerned about customer service should things go wrong.

  mick2008 06 Sep 12

If you have the windows7 disc I would say that this Gaming PC is quite good for gaming especially at that price.


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