Quick post about nVidia drivers

  Armchair 10:12 17 Aug 09

Basically the latest nVidia drivers (Version 190.38. Release Date, 2009.07.21) caused several of my games to experience severe graphical 'trauma'. Much screen tearing, textures all over the place etc. etc. Painkiller, Far Cry, Unreal 2 were the ones I tried. I've had to revert to earlier drivers, and all is well again.

My system:-

XFX nVidia 7900GS AGP
Pentium 4 socket 478
Windows XP Home SP3

I shall try the next driver release when it arrives, but I fear it isn't going to work well with my veteran GPU, lol.

  tein 20:23 17 Aug 09


I had a similar situation with the game "prototype" i installed W7 Ultimate 64 & then installed all the updates & boom!!!!

my graphics worked better on the W7 before i updated them!! not sure what Nvidia are doing.?
My system is one of these: click here

6 gig RAM
OC'd to 3.6Ghz Stable
W7 Ult (64)

  Armchair 20:56 17 Aug 09

Only the one game that didn't look right? I tried those three, but I assume all my games would have looked broken.

I'd already farted around downloading and installing patches, which I don't normally need (and which made no difference).

  tein 23:50 17 Aug 09

Armchair i also had a issue with Transformers 2 game.? bumblebee was phycod out with the grahics..lol

  crosstrainer 09:07 18 Aug 09

With the older AGP cards, you are best sticking with the older "Rolled back" driver. Normal rules apply...If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

  Armchair 09:30 18 Aug 09

The drivers I now have installed are also from 2009, so they aren't exactly ancient. This is the first time this has happened.

  crosstrainer 06:46 19 Aug 09

Any updates available for the game itself?

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