PS3 corruption issue help wanted

  fedex1969 17:43 16 Sep 12

Hi guys, my ps3 suddenly showed a system corruption message and i'm getting no joy from starting from safe mode. It takes days with no result. If anyone can help, please respond and i'll give more info. Thanks

  KRONOS the First 19:00 17 Sep 12

No problem, any time and thanks for the

  fedex1969 14:56 18 Sep 12

UPDATE!! Just had a conversation with a nice man from Sony. After going through a few steps with him, my PS3 is now up and running. Probably should've rung him in the first instance. Oh well, lesson learned! Thanks again, Chronus.

  KRONOS the First 15:27 18 Sep 12

Glad to here it.

  KRONOS the First 10:43 17 Sep 12

Found this elsewhere.

There is an alternate way to restore your HDD. Turn off your system and when u see the red light, hold the power button in front until you hear a total of 4 beeps (1 alone, 1 alone, 2 together). It usually works on second try. it should show a screen and say hook up controller with a usb cord. Then it should show i think 6 options. Choose the restore option. it should work.

  fedex1969 17:09 17 Sep 12

Thanks for that,cronus,but you've basically described how to enter 'safe mode'. I have done this 6 times, each time using a different option,(1-6). Each time takes hours/days with no effect or difference. Same screen appears 'preparing'. Should I just reside to the fact that my console needs to be sent away for a fix? That'd be a right bummer!

  KRONOS the First 17:27 17 Sep 12

I am just looking around on Google for you mate I really have no idea.It sounds as though the HDD has failed so you could try putting in a new one but it does look a bit of a chore. I really cannot help you sorry. Have you tried the Playstation forums? You are more likely to get help there than here.

  fedex1969 17:40 17 Sep 12

Yes, I've tried many forums. They all basically say the same thing, ' restart in safe mode'. Other than that, sod all. I knew I should've gone for Xbox!

  KRONOS the First 17:57 17 Sep 12

If the HDD is totally knackered then unfortunately nothing within safe mode is going to help. Only a replacement will do.I have many HHD fail over the years in my PC,these things happen that is why you have a backup just in case you need to replace the HDD.

  fedex1969 18:06 17 Sep 12

Dead right mate. Now I have the laborious task of trawling the net for a suitable HDD. Most people say to go for a larger one than the console came with. What do I know?

  KRONOS the First 18:24 17 Sep 12

Any 2.5 laptop type hard-drive will do, you will need access to a PC to format the drive into fat32. instructions here.

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