PS2 games on a PS3?

  Martin12 21 Jun 08

I understand using PS2 games on the latest PS3 does not work. Is there a work around?

  mrwoowoo 22 Jun 08

According to this compatability list some can.
It is dated mar 2007 though.
click here;ZSESSIONID=LdRt6yfjps3w6WvC42LGCYfYpqvTzQJbZWqnkMM44JNt751rM3SC!-1871516198?locale=en_GB

  GRIDD 22 Jun 08

They will not work on the UK 40GB model at all.

  Armchair 22 Jun 08

Yeah, the first versions (ie 60GB and IIRC 20GB Hard drive) were backwardly compatible, but the 40GB version that's been on sale for ages has no such support whatsoever.

  theDarkness 27 Jun 08

thats a bit of a let down, especially with sony once putting across the great backwards compatibility of the ps2 and the playstation as the ultimate brand/console. If you want to take over the market, having every console you make under the same name and compatible with all old software is a good idea, since users may just stick to the brand with each new generation. the playstation no longer being the current leader isnt helping, and I guess making it backwards compatible just adds unnecessary cost in the long run. the wii sounds too energetic for me, though! Lol. Would have only wanted one for zelda, mind you. :-)

  gazzaho 27 Jun 08

I guess Sony would rather sell machines than having them sit on the shelf, and it appears they had to remove some features in order to get the price down to a more user friendly level. In my opinion they should have gone the Microsoft route and offered different specs for different prices.


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