Project Origin - out soon

  Marko797 19:23 07 Feb 09

Another FEAR instalment out next week. Have played the demo which looks very promising. As far as FPS games are concerned, & given the game's track record, it's gotta be a 'must buy'?

  mrwoowoo 23:55 07 Feb 09

It's a must for me.Chomping at the bit as i speak.
Must finish Tomb raider underworld first though.

  gengiscant 08:33 08 Feb 09

I also played the demo,was not overly impressed,more corridors to go down.Will probably get it but not right away.
Still playing Fallout 3 for the third time and still finding new places and challenges.

  crosstrainer 09:12 08 Feb 09

Is release date....Then I can stop playing the impossible (sadly) Dead Space....If only they had made the controls better. Now stuck in the bit where you go outside and have to fend off the asteroids....According to the walktrough, I should not have spoken to my colleague first in the previous chapter :((

  Marko797 10:46 08 Feb 09

Nice to see u back!

I, like u, tried the Dead Space/Dead Loss & just couldn't get on with the keys set-up. Did some research and apparently there are 2 ways to overcome the problem. One is by using Glovepie and the other is by editing hex keys or something. I did neither (too complex for me) and concentrated on CoD 5 instead.
So it's the 13th is it for PO? Look fwd to it.

  retep888 03:40 09 Feb 09

Too scary and too much ketchup,I'll pass.:-)

  crosstrainer 07:48 09 Feb 09

PO is meant to be a real scary one by all accounts..Great games so looking forward to Friday...Alma takes centre stage in this one.

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