A program/app that can limit time on certain applications.

  mattatcomputer 00:22 24 Oct 14

Hi everyone,

So I at uni and I am currently spending way too much time on league of legends - the competitive aspect is a huge draw for me and it is adversely affecting my work and social life. Therefore, I want to set my time on league of legends to 2 hours only a day, but on Sundays I want to set it to 5 hours. Does anyone know a program that allows this much customization and control? Thanks in advance!

  Menzie 15:42 24 Oct 14

As suggested above self control is necessary, there isn't an app that I know of but chances are if there is such an app, the settings would hide behind a password which you will know and if the game is addictive as you say you'll simply go in and disable it.

You'll have to use some self control to ween yourself off the game and eventually play in small chunks.

  mattatcomputer 11:02 27 Oct 14

All right thanks guys. Working on that now.

  Woolwell 18:41 28 Oct 14

Set an alarm clock for when you have to end.

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