Please kindly help me to solve this issues

  sieghert 05:46 05 Apr 15

Hi guys,can anyone help me with this issue?I'm having some problems regarding with graphic card,asus gtx970 strix.(I had just changed a new one as before that I'm also having the same issues and the shop owner change the new one for me).I am having lagging issue with all the games(eg watch dogs,ryse, dead rising 3,evolve and etc).But the problem is sometimes when I try to restart my computer(while my computer is already on state),it runs smooth and sometimes when I on my computer it is so lag.Any ideas? My pc specs: Intel i7 4790k Kingston 8gb ram DDR3 GTX970 Asus STRIX OC edition Asus Socket 1150 Z97A motherboard 3TB seagate Sata 7200 1TB WD Sata 7200 700W PSU

The first video link is the smooth gameplay while the second link is the lag version.

click here appreciate for your guys help.

PS:both of the videos are using the same graphic settings.


  Devil Fish 00:33 07 Apr 15

could be programs running in background virus scanners etc causing lag

click start in search type run type in run box msconfig stop everything at start up except antivirus see how you go from their

  sieghert 11:47 08 Apr 15

I don't think that it will be the antivirus problem as I only have microsoft security essential.

  Daisy_Michael 12:55 15 Apr 15

Try increasing the virtual memory, for me the 8 GB RAM needs to be upgraded to 16 GB at least.

Anyway, increasing the virtual memory would help your overcome the lagging.

Let me know the outcome!

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