Playing Xbox 360 games on a laptop?

  AJ27 00:43 23 Feb 10

Hey everyone, had a look round google to see if there was a way of playing xbox 360 games on a laptop and from what I found it's possible using a VGA cable is this true?

If this is true does the laptop your using matter overly, I'm using an acer 6935G with 2Ghz dual core and 4GB ram and 512mb graphics.

Too anyone asking I won't be playing online and don't have a tv at the moment, mainly through living in halls, the internet is shocking and having a tv requires a tv license which I don't fancy paying.

Thanks to anyone who has the answers.

  gengiscant 15:48 23 Feb 10

Double here

  mrwoowoo 16:23 23 Feb 10

Found a video that shows how to do it.
click here

  gengiscant 17:14 23 Feb 10

Excellent. I wonder if that will work with a PS3?

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