pc upgrade for gaming,graphics card advice needed?

  johny01 29 Dec 12

hi all, i have a compaq sr2000,i would like some information on how to upgrade it for gaming, like wrc 3,i believe it has intel pentium d820 duel core processor, ati radeon xpress intergrated graphics with 256 mb shared memory, all of that means nothing to me lol, so is there anything i can do to upgrade this pc for gaming. many thanks,,,,johny

  Chronos the 2nd 30 Dec 12

To be honest I think this PC is far to old for any real graphic card upgrade.The PC has a pentium D processor which is ancient. I have been unable to find a image of your PC's motherboard so cannot be sure whether it has a PCI-E or the older AGP slot for a graphics card.

Just found this but I am not certain it is yours. Can you take the side off your PC and see if it is the same?

  johny01 30 Dec 12

firstly thanks for taking the time to try and help me,secondly i have taken pics,theyre on my pc but i cant seem to figure out how to post them with this message lol,

  Chronos the 2nd 30 Dec 12

Register and upload photos using this. Photobucket. When you have uploaded your photos then click on one or hover your mouse and a box will open giving you 4 box choices, Email,Direct,HTML and IMG Code. Click on the direct link box and it will say copied then come here and paste the link.

  johny01 31 Dec 12
  Chronos the 2nd 01 Jan 13

I have downloaded the image and found enough info to identify the mobo.

Here is your board. Motherboard. I see you have a PCI-E slot for a graphics card (GPU),it's the long brown one in your image. This will give you a bit better choice but I really need to know what wattage your power supply (PSU)is, you will find the info on a sticker on PSU as this will have a bearing on what GPU I can suggest.

  Lazarus The 2nd 02 Jan 13

This is the PC Click here

From the HP Parts Store search,

It's either a Compaq Presario PC SR2009UK - (RF787AAR)

or a Compaq Presario PC SR2009UK - (RF787AA)

Both have this,

Part Number: 5188-2627

Power supply 300-watt (Merlot C) - With passive power factor correction (PFC) RoHS: Modified..


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