pc or console

  polish 21:10 PM 06 Oct 10

cant make my mind up about getting a console or stick with my pc although playing games ok at the moment it will need at least a graphics card in the near future and the fact games are more limited for pc and seem to be heading for download only i can only find f1 2010 as a download.a decent graphics card is in the console price bracket which is another reason iam thinking about the switch.
also does it matter which console or are they similar to each other.
ps sorry its a bit long winded

  donki 13:22 PM 07 Oct 10

What other games are you into? FPS, RTS etc.

Any game IMO that is out on all formats will look better on a PC, PC only games look beautiful on the PC. You dont need a £1000 machine any longer to play PC games but consoles are definitely great value for money, it all depends on the type of game you are into. I love RTS and FPS and IMO the PC is better at both.

If I had to get a console I would buy a PS3 simply because of the other things it can be used for, I did have an XBOX but only had it about 2 months.

  polish 16:37 PM 07 Oct 10

the games i play are call of duty mass effect fallout3 are the ones on the go at the moment.but it does seem to me they want people who play games to use a console.

  OTT_B 20:46 PM 07 Oct 10

Pc for me every time. There's a multitude of reasons for it, but above all, you will own a PC or laptop of sorts anyway, so why not use it?

  gengiscant 08:49 AM 08 Oct 10

PC for me,better graphics,cheaper games, far more down loadable content from the many cracking modders and map makers out there.But most of all because I just cannot use a game-pad, my thumbs have minds of there own and no matter how often I try I remain absolutely rubbish. So, keyboard and mouse for me.

  polish 18:49 PM 12 Oct 10

i have decided to keep with pc for now and have just ordered the new medal of honour.


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