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  gengiscant 10 Jan 11

Haven't Played or even bought Black ops yet,but I am playing the new Medal of Honor, is it just me or hasn't this all been done before. The game hasn't gripped me, in fact I have gone back and played Metro 2033 and Alien V's Predator.

We have the COD series,the MOD series,Bad Company etc all seem pretty much the same. Where are the Dooms, the Fears and dare I say it the Serious Sam's, I hoping that the New Dead Space will be as fun as the original. Maybe it is that my expectations are set to high and my choice of games FPS's to limiting.

If we are to believe the hype 2011 is going to be a good year for PC gaming, what with Crysis 2, Bullet Storm,Deux Ex:Human Revolution and Brink to mention but a few, lets hope it is not just hype,but that we have games that have replay value genuine originality and most of all makes full use of my rather expensive latest build with its dual 6000 series cards.LOL. But I don't just want graphically beautiful games,I want games that hook me so much they make my better half moan about the time spent gaming.

Lets see what the year brings, gaming heaven or more of the same but with added hype?

  donki 10 Jan 11

For me the COD games were top not simply because of the GFX or gameplay but the story lines and cut scenes were quality and really sucked you into the experience. I was never a MOH fan I dunno it never gripped me, I know what you mean about FPS being samey and the vast majority are but for me COD is the top dog. FEAR is a classic and still scares the crap out of me. I am really looking forward to Duex Ex if its anything like the first one.

  Kevscar1 10 Jan 11

Try Fdallout 3 And New Vegas. You can play them in FPS mode but with the Roleplaying aspect to make them asborbing. Plenty of mods to extend gsmeplsy. Played 3 for over 160 hrs of game time.

  gengiscant 10 Jan 11

I have played Fallout 3 several times,got the game of the year edition so I had all the DLC stuff and I love that game, but I felt New Vegas was to much of the same,they had used the old engine so graphics had not been improved at all.
It was incredibly buggy,took me two or three hours just to get it running and I know my way around a PC.

Just managed to get Black Ops for £20 so give that a whirl.Will try to get into the multi player aspect a bit more.

  polish 10 Jan 11

i agree iam currently addicted to f1 2010 i know not everyones cup of tea

  wolfie3000 11 Jan 11

Well most FPS games to me are the same, shoot run shoot repeat until dead.
This is why I moved onto MMORPG games such as Perfect world, theres more of a challenge and more team work involved, also makes you think more.

  Devil Fish 25 Jan 11

i tend to find with fps once you have played one you have played them all it is getting tired

i prefer RPG in which you have to use your brain a little bit

  Peter-1703202 15 Feb 11

i mostly play rpg <a href="click here">rpg browser games</a> - there are lots of good ones


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