PC games Help !

  George00 04 Jun 12

Can you give me an example of games that I can run on my BAD pc? I have a weak pc [I'm getting a new one soon] and I need help to find some good games that I can run on it. If you now one or more please replay.


Specifications: AMD Sempron(tm) 2600+ , 1.83 GHz Video card Nvidia GeForce 6600 RAM : 1 GB

  KRONOS the First 04 Jun 12

It is much simpler if you use this to find out whether your "BAD" PC can run a particular game or not.

Can You Run It.

  George00 04 Jun 12

I used that site but I want to find out about some good games I can play on this sistem. I'm imagining most of you are gamers and can tell me about some cool games that I haven't heard about.

  KRONOS the First 04 Jun 12

That site will tell you better than I can, to be honest you are not going to be playing many of todays games with that graphics card or that amount of ram. I surprised you can run XP with only 1GB ram.

You do not even mention what games you are into. I really am no good at guessing.With your set up I would stick with flash games and wait till you get a new PC before getting into PC gaming.

  George00 05 Jun 12

You know..in this sistem I played Crysis, Halflife2, Pes and others and it's not like I'm asking about games like CodMw3 or Battlefield 3. And by the way I'm not getting into PC gaming I just try to find some nice games that I can play.

  aiato 13 Jun 12

it would be easier to find right games if you provided system requirements. But if you could play PES then i assume you can play counter strike, mortal combat games and probably fifa manager.

  Devil Fish 13 Jun 12

use full little tool to check if your pc can run games before you buy


  lhalfman 05 Jul 12

just wait for a new pc lol and get better games

  jennam 27 Dec 12

I also have weak PC and i can't play every game i want. It's really annoying, that if you want to play some new games you have to get new PC


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