PC games Help !

  George00 13:38 04 Jun 12

Can you give me an example of games that I can run on my BAD pc? I have a weak pc [I'm getting a new one soon] and I need help to find some good games that I can run on it. If you now one or more please replay.


Specifications: AMD Sempron(tm) 2600+ , 1.83 GHz Video card Nvidia GeForce 6600 RAM : 1 GB

  KRONOS the First 15:27 04 Jun 12

It is much simpler if you use this to find out whether your "BAD" PC can run a particular game or not.

Can You Run It.

  George00 17:58 04 Jun 12

I used that site but I want to find out about some good games I can play on this sistem. I'm imagining most of you are gamers and can tell me about some cool games that I haven't heard about.

  KRONOS the First 18:22 04 Jun 12

That site will tell you better than I can, to be honest you are not going to be playing many of todays games with that graphics card or that amount of ram. I surprised you can run XP with only 1GB ram.

You do not even mention what games you are into. I really am no good at guessing.With your set up I would stick with flash games and wait till you get a new PC before getting into PC gaming.

  George00 11:40 05 Jun 12

You know..in this sistem I played Crysis, Halflife2, Pes and others and it's not like I'm asking about games like CodMw3 or Battlefield 3. And by the way I'm not getting into PC gaming I just try to find some nice games that I can play.

  aiato 08:20 13 Jun 12

it would be easier to find right games if you provided system requirements. But if you could play PES then i assume you can play counter strike, mortal combat games and probably fifa manager.

  Devil Fish 15:46 13 Jun 12

use full little tool to check if your pc can run games before you buy


  lhalfman 06:55 05 Jul 12

just wait for a new pc lol and get better games

  jennam 07:37 27 Dec 12

I also have weak PC and i can't play every game i want. It's really annoying, that if you want to play some new games you have to get new PC


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